Cadar (Niqab) from the Insider Perspective

Posted: November 3, 2015 in Uncategorized
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We hear many people discuss about niqab (cadar). In Indonesia, this costume is uncommon. Although we (Indonesia) are a moslem country. But in the past (since the kingdom era, colonialism, and until 1980’s) we didn’t wear niqab. Niqab is a contemporary phenomena in Indonesia. Niqab or cadar (Indonesia) it self is a veil or a material to close the around the face. This is worn by woman. In Arab, this is a common costume, but not in Southeast Asia. In Indonesia and Southeast Asia generally, our women only wear veil. They put the veil on their head/hair and slung to shoulder. (u can see at the picture 1)


Looking at the woman with niqab sometimes is mysteriously for us as outsider. Because, we don’t know them. After 11th September attach in USA. The negative stereotype of Islam was begun. Some people in the world would say, Islam is terrorist, Islam is murderer, Islam is uncivilized society. When they attact Afganistan, they found Taliban’s woman wear niqab. So, after that, niqab is become negative too like Thaliban and other extremist.

Today, I tried to chat with my female friend named Jamila who wears niqab. I asked her, “Why does she wear it?”. She gave me two answers. The first, she said that she would to improve her self. I don’t understand what she talked about. But I guess, she wanna improve her taqwa (moslem quality by the God) or maybe she would say to improve her personality. Well, although this too abstract for me but I’m okey. the second one is she feels good and safe when she wears the niqab. Of course, these answers is too subjective, but as I said, I’m ok with the subjective answer. Because there is no right or wrong in perspectives.

ppWhen I thought that she might be don’t know the theological reason, she said to me, that niqab is not wajib (must be/required) but she feel comforted to wear niqab (she knows the theological perspective). but, She said that she feels good and safe when she wear niqab. “Safe from what?” I asked, “from fitnah”, she answered. Fitnah that she knows is something that can make misunderstanding such as when we talk on public maybe the people think that we are more than a friend.

Well, this is niqab from the insider perspective. You agree or not, it depend on  you. As moslem and as mankind we must respect to them. And of course they must respect to the others too. Wallahu a’lam.



  1. ramadhani1897 berkata:

    Great thought! You made it, sir. As far as I concern, wearing hijab or niqab is required but what is actually hijab or niqab? depends on what your culture have performed.

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